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Preferred Providers

We are CBHS, HCF and NIB preferred providers. This means you receive your maximum refund/rebate from your health fund and in many cases, no gap when you visit Gap Free Smile. We have HICAPS on our premises so you can claim directly to your health fund.

Save up to 40% off your dental fees at Gap Free Smile. Our Dentists are also members of the Smile Dental Association. The practice is a proud member of Dental Members Australia.

Gap Free Smile accepts the majority of Australian Health Funds

including: Medibank, Bupa, NIB, HCF, CBHS etc. The amount you can claim will depend on your health fund cover and level of entitlement.

* Where there is a Gap-Free Payment, this is the equivalent to ‘no out of pocket expenses’ for you. Keep in mind: Gap-Free payment is subject to annual health fund limits, eligibility and payment by your Private Health Fund. Please check with your health fund, prior to your visit.


Gap Free Smile offers the flexibility of on-site health fund claims via the HICAPS system. It’s a convenient electronic payment tool that allows for immediate on-site claims.

Please click here to see Hicaps participating health funds

Bulk Billing

1. Department Of Veteran Affairs (DVA)
You should hold a valid DVA card, to be eligible for bulk billing.

2. Child Dental Benefit Schedule
We provide bulk billed dental care for children 2-17 years of age. This is a government-funded service under the Child Dental Benefit Schedule.

Before Your Dental Visit

  • Make sure you have dental cover
  • Ensure you have not reached your annual dental limit
  • No waiting period on dental treatment required

Important Note:

If you forget to bring your health fund card to your appointment, you will need to make payment in full; and then claim a portion of your visit, directly with your Private Health Fund. If this is the case, Gap-Free condition will not apply.

For further information, please contact Gap Free Smile on (07) 3157 6589 and speak to one of our friendly team members.


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